Cabinet Space Heaters

The free standing range of cabinet warm air heaters combine innovative design techniques and proven heat exchanger technology, to produce units that are cost effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Heat Exchanger

The combustion chamber is manufactured from high quality heat resisting stainless steel and has a large surface area and volume to avoid localised hot spots and to ensure long life. A tubular cross flow heat exchanger provides excellent fuel economy and the heat exchanger tubes are expanded into the collection boxes thereby eliminating the possibility of weld failure. The complete assembly is mounted to allow for expansion to counteract the effect of thermal stress.


A combined fan and limit thermostat is fitted on all heaters which delays fan start until the heat exchanger has reached operating temperature and continues to run the fan after the burner switches off until the remaining heat is dissipated. In the event of overheating the unit would automatically be shut down by the limit thermostat. On vertical models time and temperature controls comprising digital time switch, room thermostat and frost thermostat are pre-wired to the heater to simplify installation.